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Intel Pentium M 725 1.6GHz 400MHz FSB, 2MB Cache, 90nm, Socket 478/479 Mobile CPU Processor


    2 x 1GB Kingston Dual DDR2 PC4200 DDR533 modules (KVR533D2N4K2/2G) 




    1 x 400GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 (ST3160023A) on PATA master 

Other Drives

    1 x DVD Player 
    1 x Internal 250Mb Zip Disk
    1 x Internal Floppy Disk 


Elan Vital Greenerger Super Silent Mode PSU, 450W


Coolermaster Stacker 810


    Samsung Syncmaster 152v (15" TFT @ 1024x768)
H 30 - 81 Hz V 56 - 75 Hz

Other Peripherals

    HP 895Cxi USB Inkjet Printer
    CanoScan n650u USB Scanner
    USB PCLine Optical Mouse (Model PCL-WIO1) 
    PS2 Keyboard 105 Keys
    128Mb USB stick 

This is a very quiet PC. Ideally I would like to run Debian Sarge, but currently I'm using Kanotix 2005-04 which recognizes the Gigabit Lan http://i915gmm.gratiswiki.dk/cgi-bin/gratiswiki.pl?Gigabit_LAN , and installs happily to the hard disk. It also recognizes the firewire device. Less successful, for various reasons, were attempts to install Mandriva2006, SUSE 10.0, Knoppix4.02, Ubuntu5.10, Slackware10.2, Debian Sid and Debian Testing.

Visit http://i915gmm.gratiswiki.dk/cgi-bin/gratiswiki.pl?I915gmm.Gratiswiki.Dk for more information.

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